Friday, May 26, 2017

I got up at 11:30 after going to bed pretty late last night, and it wasn’t because of the fire alarm. Roomie was gone and her half of the room was bare. I showered and went down for my desk shift at noon. I had some chilled tea and a bottle of Soylent. I did the mail. IP came down early on in my shift to watch desk while I got my things, MG came down in the middle to pick up a package and chill and talk for a bit, and LG came at the end after I spilled my flute of tea. We hung out for a bit until the end of my desk shift at 4.

I bd’d then went down to shop with IM where we built a table together. He came up with the design and let me do half of the cutting and drilling. We brought it up for finals dinner and ate on it. I had a falafel with eggplant without actual falafel balls. We brought the table to my room after.

RH asked me about the room situation and told me to talk to T about it. I went down to see when she’s next available but I don’t think she will be for a while. IP and LG were at desk working on their project and I talked to them about the room situation and they told me to email TM. She emailed me back telling me that she’d ask JG on Sunday which isn’t very ideal since we have to be checked out by noon that day. I hung out with them for a while and made some popcorn with IM. I burned my finger on a mug of butter I was trying to take out of the microwave. I used RH’s burn spray which people had trouble opening. I bought another popsicle and the security worker asked if she could buy some soda and she was amazed at how cheap it was because we weren’t trying to get a profit. There were a few of us eating popcorn and talking for a bit until LG brought RH’s shoes up to his room.