Thursday, July 27, 2017

I didn’t do any camp things today since they were doing an exam simulation all day. I got up past noon and worked desk from 4 to midnight. I had a desk shift from 4 to 7 and switched my Friday shift with CV’s Thursday 9-11 and picked up the 2 hours in between that KG punted. I stayed for another hour. I tried to study some 18.03 and then worked on my UROP for a bit. I watched Salvation as per Ma’s recommendation.


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I went out with SG in the morning. I was a little late since CV distracted me. We went to a bridal shop and I tried on 2 dresses in blush. Then we went to David’s Bridal and I tried on several more. SG wasn’t satisfied with any of them and we left. We ate at Minado for lunch. Then we went to Ulta Beauty and got facemasks, hair product, and concealer. Then we went back to my dorm. I did a quick clean up of my room before SG came in. She took a nap while I showered and went down to desk. She left after she woke up. I did some UROP work until the end of my shift and then I hurried and changed and went to 37. I didn’t see anyone there so I assumed people had left for the observatory already. I texted MK and apparently, I was early. I did some more work until AB came and opened the classroom. The camp kids were given the wrong instructions to wait at their dorm. We helped load the equipment onto the cars and waited for the kids to arrive. They were walking really slowly again. AA and I wanted the two of us and MK to sit in the Zipcar together but E “wanted a navigator” so MK had to sit in the van with him. I’m pretty sure he just didn’t want to be alone in a van with a bunch of high schoolers. I realized I didn’t have any dinner and asked AA if we could stop by a McDonald’s for a bit but she said no. We eventually arrived at the observatory after a lot of driving. I sat inside with AA and MK for most of the time. We talked and had some fun while we did our work. AA was operating a telescope in California from her laptop and showing me all of the work she has to do to get the data she sends to me. V curves to focus the telescope, dealing with not knowing where the telescope is pointing because someone else also uses it, locating where in the sky the telescope is pointing, moving the telescope incrementally, etc. There were bugs in the room and people were playing with the fly zapper and talking about touching it. At one point, one of the kids came in and asked “is this bug spray safe for skin” and me and MK lost it. I laughed harder though. I felt bad and apologized to the kid afterward but he seemed fine. Then AB came in and sat down to do work also. AA told her about how we jokingly thought that she was late to arrive at the observatory because she probably stopped at a McDonald’s or something and also about our hypothetical plans to just go drive off and get McDonald’s without telling anyone. AB laughed and told us that she was going to get DD on the way back and that we could go to McDonald’s if we wanted. We did want to so we went. The late night menu was very limited so our total was around $15 for two 10 piece nuggets and a burger. I fronted for the points and got repaid in cash and venmo. The vans of campers had to go through the drive through so they all just went to DD since they couldn’t walk up to the window. Our car was done with ordering so we drove back before the others. I tried to get the locked closet open by carding it but I had trouble. MK tried and succeeded in front of two kids. We just sat in the classroom for a while looking at bug zapper videos on youtube until the rest of the people came back. I told MK to close the closet before AB came in. She saw what we were watching and laughed. Then AA drove MK home at his frat before she dropped me off at my dorm. In the middle of her conversation, she asked me, “are you just afraid of being alone?” when I expressed my reluctance to go home and for the night to end. I’ve done some thinking about this question and it makes sense.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

I was going to go to day 2 of data analysis but ended up not going. I woke up late and showered and walked to W32 to get food. I decided on a DD sandwich but they only had donuts and drinks. So I bought a jelly donut and went upstairs to buy a bubble tea. I facetimed MT and talked to him about Flagstaff and his Canada plans. I went to the camp classroom for “The Sky” where AB got the kids to identify constellations from slides of the sky. I started work on my UROP after a while since I only knew how to identify the dippers and Orion. Then everyone left to get dinner. I went with MK and CS to Kendall and walked around to find food but everywhere was closed. We settled on Clover since none of us wanted Chipotle. I got an egg and eggplant sandwich while the others only got fries. E came in a little late and ordered the same thing. We all walked to the front of the hotel and met up there. I overheard that one of the kids found a piece of plastic in their bowl and got a full refund and chips and guac for free. Then we started walking to the science museum, and as usual, the kids were super slow and walking in a pack. We eventually made it to the science museum and didn’t have to go get tickets or anything. We just walked in and headed straight for the planetarium. We waited outside for a bit and then came in and sat down and watched the kids try to identify the constellations in the Thai November night sky at 9 PM. Then they did the same thing with the Boston sky in 3 hours. It was interesting but I fell asleep under the second set of stars since I couldn’t keep up with my limited 3 constellation knowledge. Then we all walked back to the classroom. E handed me the key to the 37 classroom because he needed to get something from his dorm. We all just sat down in the classroom for a while until everyone got back. Then we all went up with telescopes and cameras to the roof to practice. I only had an extra camera and still didn’t know how to use it well enough to get good pictures. I gave up after a while and started working on my UROP in a corner. I did that for a while until I got up and left because I was cold.

Monday, July 24, 2017

I got up and showered before I went to get background checked for camp. I filled out a form with everyone else in a hallway. I found out it was AA’s last week. I talked to AB about what I would be doing for the week and she told me that I could do whatever I wanted. I sat in for part two of data analysis and didn’t really do much or pay attention. Then I brought them down to 32 since it was raining and AB asked me if I knew how to get there completely indoors. The whole group followed me and we all had lunch. I got some overpriced sushi and they don’t take discover. Then I didn’t help them on their way back up to 37 and made them figure it out themselves. They did eventually and it was amusing. I was going to leave after but MK and CS came and I wanted to hang out a little longer. I don’t know anything about telescopes so I couldn’t contribute anything but stayed anyway. AB taught them how to use the telescopes and I eventually left. I took a nap for a bit until MG and I had to go to ballet. We took the bus and got there on time and had some fun. Then we went to Santouka for dinner. I got a combo with ramen, karaage, and egg. MG got ramen and we split a takoyaki. I paid for most of it since I owed her money. Then we took the red line back. I hung out with CV at desk and his friend. He had taken out the magnets in his microwaves and we played with them. They’re really strong and one of them shattered.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

I woke up for desk at 10. I was very sleepy. I did some UROP work. I didn’t go with the others to the costco/Home Depot trip since I wanted to nap before I went to help out with the training camp. I got up and showered and helped set up for the opening reception. I put the drinks out and made all of the tabs face one way. Then AB asked for someone to let E in so I volunteered and went down. There was a whole group already inside and I realized that I knew this E. He asked me if I was course 12 and if I helped out last year too when I commented on the lack of girls in the elevator. There were also some dads who came. The guys were very high schooly and talked about high school activities they did while they ate. I had lasagna and salad before I decided to get the rice on mushroom. I sat with MK and CS and a phd student J joined us. Then we all sat together in a circle while AB introduced everyone and talked about the plans for the week. We finished eventually and I let a straggler come up. J gave a tour of campus and I followed along. I went home afterwards to cartoons and board game night. We watched the beach episode of A:TLA as per my suggestion and then the Ember Island Players episode. Then we watched the fourth quarter of the series finale. Then we played spyfall and had a lot of fun. I was a good spy. It ended pretty late. CV made virgin piña coladas before bed. 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

I woke up really sleepy at 9:30 and quickly packed and stripped my bed. We drove two hours back to Phoenix and returned the rental car before we went to check bags. Right after we checked our bags, a huge line formed and we were very happy we made it before they did. Then we went to the security line and were asked how many of us there were. We said 3 since CS was with her family and they pulled us out of the regular line and onto the machine that scans in 3D. We didn’t have to take anything out of our bags like laptops. We got through really fast. AA thinks that it might’ve been because MK was wearing an MIT shirt. When she was putting her belt back on, her shirt rode up and revealed a little bit of a tattoo I realized was of Texas. Then we went to eat at Cowboy Ciao for lunch since we had a lot of time. It’s supposed to be the best airport food place. The guy was friendly but sometimes a little too much. AA was bothered that a grown man called her “love”. I ordered an open sandwich which the guy recommended instead of the filet mignon since it was apparently smaller. AA got chicken and waffles. MK got some vegetarian thing that he finished really quickly. Then we went to the terminal and boarded the plane. The four of us were in seats 19D (MK), 19E (AA), 20C (CS), and 20D (me). I worked on my UROP for a bit and then played minecraft before I napped in the last hour of the flight. We got off and separated at the luggage carousel. I got my bag and took an uber back to my dorm. There was a 50s themed party going on and I asked a drunk CV to make me a drink. I drank it and then showered and joined the party. I had a couple more drinks and hung out in the party room on the futon on the ground with SX, TS, TL and PP. CV, IN, and PP made fries that were soaked in oil that CV served to us in heelys. Then CV and TL came to my room before we went to sleep. 

Friday, July 21, 2017

I woke up at noon and had a salad for lunch. I walked down to the lodge alone since CS wasn’t feeling well enough to go to the cave. That or she didn’t want to go a second time this week. I went inside with MK to wait for AA who had been busy talking to B. Apparently he did the work that she was currently doing already and also offered her a job that she declined. As the two of us were leaving the lodge to get into the car, RH came in and said that he was also coming. So we started driving until someone mentioned that the rain would make mud that would make driving the rental difficult. So RH went and got a 4 wheel drive lesbian car for us to use. He drove us there and we went down to the cave. The rocks were slippery and I hit my head once because I wasn’t paying attention but I had a lot of fun. At the end, RH went into the small area past a squeeze and came back out unharmed. Then we went back home for an hour. I tried to do the galaxy and universe walks but realized in the middle of the universe walk that it was 5:30 and that I had to meet up with the rest of the group to get Burritos Fiesta. So we went and met up with RH and a couple other students. I recognized one of them from the picture RH sent me a while ago of him on a peak with a group of people. I got a steak burrito. We all ate and talked and had some fun. RH revealed that AA calls us her children. Then we went our separate ways and went home. I was free for an hour before we had to go to the telescope but RH wasn’t answering my messages. I took a short nap and then went to the telescope. I played minecraft for a while and got a lot of mining done. But a horde of zombies got to me and I died and couldn’t get back in time to get my full inventory. I was sad and quit and worked on my UROP. Then I went out for a bit to get some pictures when the sky was kind of clear. Then I continued working until AA wanted to leave at around 1. I had been texting RH at the observatory about hanging out and communicating our feelings and frustrations to each other. I told him I could see him before he went to sleep instead of after. He said that that was preferable so I got out of the car at the lodge after taking pictures at the observatory and speeding in front of a sheriff car. He didn’t want to stay in his room on his bed since he would fall asleep so we went to mcdonalds. I got a chicken McNugget meal and he got fries. It took a while for the order to come. We overheard some guy buying 5 Big Macs and spending $60 and then an employee voicing her judgment on spending that much after the guy left. We ate our food at makeout point. I wanted to make out for a bit for shiggles but RH didn’t want to. So I just kissed his forehead. I told him some gossip and he told me that gossip bothers him and that the fact that it bothers him bothers him. I told him I wanted to cuddle so we went back to his room. We talked some more and showed pictures to each other for a while before he wanted to sleep and get rid of me. I was sad at that point and then started crying. I hugged him for a while while I cried because I didn’t want to leave him for another month. He was sleepy but I was being selfish and keeping him up even though he also can’t function without sleep and had things to do tomorrow. I eventually stopped and went out and he drove me back to the chalet. I started crying again for a bit and kissed him and said that I missed him already and said good night before he drove off.